Welcome to Starting Out with R and Shiny, a guide to learning basic R and ending up with the ability to put together Shiny dashboards - online, R-based dashboards and visualisations.

This document is being written for a set of lectures in Springfield, IL, and is primarily aimed at attendees, but it will hopefully be useful to others too. It contains (or will contain):

  1. An introduction to the R programming language and its history and structure;
  2. A basic guide to RStudio and online help resources for questions, bugs or commentary;
  3. Importing data into R from databases or flat files;
  4. Cleaning and reshaping that data with tidyr, dplyr, stringr, lubridate and related tools;
  5. Shiny as a data visualisation platform.

It’s not intended to be exhaustive - instead the plan is to treat it as a baseline and template that people can refer back to, and fill in the gaps on the day. The source code can be found here.