Oliver Keyes

Researcher, Programmer, Wikipedian. Doing terrible things to R so you don't have to.

I study online communities, particularly Wikipedia, looking at how people consume content, and how it varies between the desktop, the mobile web and mobile applications. Of particular interest to me is the use of the mobile web as a vector for more geographically and culturally representative contributions to Wikipedia and other open collaboration systems, allowing us to correct for systemic bias.

A long-time Wikipedia editor, I'm currently employed by the Wikimedia Foundation, where I spend my days coming up with methodologies to understand what we mean by "page view" and "session", and geolocating the heck out of everything. Prior to that I worked at the Foundation as the first Community Liaison in Engineering, and prior to that I had a lot of interesting occupations including (by decreasing length of survival) political campaigner, free culture advocate, librarian and butcher. My C.V. can be found here.

When not researching, I can be found in Boston, MA, dividing my time between reading, archery, taking ill-advised transcontinental road trips, and listening to that Midwest hippity-hoppity nonsense the kids love so much.