Talking & Teaching

How to get me to talk

I do a lot of public outreach and teaching, and am always interested in opportunities to speak or guest lecture about my research or the areas that interest me. Areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Gender and technology;
  • Disability and AI;
  • Facial Recognition specifically, and surveillance more broadly;
  • The politics and ethics of data science;
  • Queer experiences with technology, and;
  • Research methods with trans populations

Note that if your talk is outside Seattle then (unless I happen to be in the area) I’m going to be requesting at least travel funding. Once covid clears up, anyway!

Where to see me talk

Some past and future talks, (with future ones in bold) include:

When Where Title Type
12 July 2021 Cambridge University Response to Kalindi Vora (with Lucy Suchman) Response
8 June 2021 RightsCon Digital Rights Risks of Automated Gender Recognition Technology Panel
29 January 2021 CPDP Automated Gender Attribution Panel
8 December 2020 Cornell University (Re)Coding Reality Talk
19 October 2020 Wofford College Gender & Media Guest lecture
22 August 2020 Grounded Festival Whose Crisis? Whose Truth? Talk
5 June 2020 University of Edinburgh Agency, Algorithms and Autism Talk
26 March 2020 University of Michigan Critical Disability Studies and Technoscience Guest lecture
19 March 2020 Arizona State University Personhood in Bioethics Guest lecture
2 March 2020 Harvey Mudd College AI and Othering: A Critical Disability Studies Approach Talk
30 January 2020 Tufts University The Impossibility of Algorithmic Fairness Guest lecture
16 January 2020 Williams College The For-Looping Effects of Human Kinds Guest lecture
13 December 2019 Indexical, Santa Cruz Benjamin’s Ghost Talk
28 October 2019 Tu Wien Machinic Medicalisation: The Promise and Peril of Diagnostic AI Talk
25 October 2019 Berlin TBD Keynote
16 September 2019 Carnegie Mellon University Technology as Tactics Talk
12 September 2019 Carnegie Mellon University Privacy Seminar Dead Data Lecture
24 July 2019 Berkman Klein (Harvard University) Resisting Recognition Talk
3 July 2019 University of Oxford Machinic Medicalisation: Disability, Justice and Artificial Intelligence Talk
28 March 2019 New York University Data in Context Lecture
20 February 2019 University of Cambridge AI and Gender Workshop
13 February 2019 Seattle University Counting the Countless: Data, Infrastructure, and Queer Pluralities Talk
5 February 2019 Fred Hutch Trans/Formations: Data, Entropy, and Trans Lives Talk
10 January 2019 Google Gender in Facial Recognition Talk