Talking & Teaching

How to get me to talk

I do a lot of public outreach and teaching, and am always interested in opportunities to speak or guest lecture about my research or the areas that interest me. Areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Gender and technology;
  • Facial Recognition specifically, and surveillance more broadly;
  • The politics and ethics of data science;
  • Queer experiences with technology, and;
  • Research methods with trans populations

Note that if your talk is outside Seattle then (unless I happen to be in the area) I’m going to be requesting at least travel funding ;).

Where to see me talk

Some past and future talks, (with future ones in bold) include:

When Where Title Type
31 May 2019 SDSS 2019 The Politics of Data Talk
28 March 2019 New York University Data in Context Lecture
20 February 2019 University of Cambridge AI and Gender Workshop
13 February 2019 Seattle University Counting the Countless: Data, Infrastructure, and Queer Pluralities Talk
5 February 2019 Fred Hutch Trans/Formations: Data, Entropy, and Trans Lives Talk
10 January 2019 Google Gender in Facial Recognition Talk