Stuff I've been reading (December 2022)

By Os Keyes

Things I finished reading in December 2022:

Books and dissertations

  • Bacchetta, Paola, and Margaret Power. Right-wing women: From conservatives to extremists around the world. Routledge, 2013.
  • Bey, Marquis. Cistem Failure: Essays on Blackness and Cisgender. Duke University Press, 2022.
  • Cifor, Marika. Viral Cultures: Activist Archiving in the Age of AIDS. University of Minnesota Press, 2022.
  • Diprose, Rosalyn and Ewa P. Ziarek. Arendt, Natality and Biopolitics: Toward Democratic Plurality and Reproductive Justice. Edinburgh University Press, 2018.
  • Forst, Rainer. The right to justification: Elements of a constructivist theory of justice. Vol. 46. Columbia University Press, 2011.
  • Giladi, Paul, and Nicola McMillan, eds. Epistemic injustice and the philosophy of recognition. Taylor & Francis, 2022.
  • Halpern, Sydney A. Dangerous Medicine: The Story behind Human Experiments with Hepatitis. Yale University Press, 2021.
  • Harlow, Carol, and Richard Rawlings. Pressure through law. Routledge, 2013.
  • McGowan, Todd. Emancipation After Hegel: Achieving a Contradictory Revolution. Columbia University Press, 2019.
  • Morgan, Mary S., Kim M. Hajek, and Dominic J. Berry, eds. Narrative science: Reasoning, representing and knowing since 1800. Cambridge University Press, 2022.
  • Pinto, Pedro, and Catriona Ida Macleod. A Genealogy of Puberty Science: Monsters, Abnormals, and Everyone Else. Routledge, 2019.
  • Schlich, Thomas, and Christopher Crenner, eds. Technological Change in Modern Surgery: Historical Perspectives on Innovation. Vol. 39. Boydell & Brewer, 2017.
  • Táíwò, Olúfẹ́mi O . Elite capture. Haymarket Books, 2022.
  • Vanderpool, Harold Y. The ethics of research involving human subjects: Facing the 21st century. University Publishing Group, 1996.
  • Ziarek, Ewa P. An ethics of dissensus: Postmodernity, feminism, and the politics of radical democracy. Stanford University Press, 2001.

Papers and Chapters

  • Benito, Javier Jiménez, and Sonia Ester Rodríguez García. “Informed consent in the ethics of responsibility as stated by Emmanuel Levinas.” Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 19.3 (2016): 443-453.
  • Caswell, Michelle, and Marika Cifor. “From human rights to feminist ethics: radical empathy in the archives.” Archivaria 81.1 (2016): 23-43.
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  • Solomon, Miriam. “On Validators for Psychiatric Categories.” Philosophy of Medicine 3.1 (2022): 1-23.
  • Stathers, Aranda. “Freeze-Frames and Blanket Bans: The Unconstitutionality of Prisons’ Denial of Gender Confirmation Surgery to Transgender Inmates.” Dickinson Law Review 127.1 (2022): 243.