Stuff I've been reading (June 2022)

By Os Keyes

Things I finished reading in June 2022:

Books and dissertations

  • Cavalcante, Andre. Struggling for ordinary: Media and transgender belonging in everyday life. Vol. 1. NYU Press, 2018.
  • Currah, Paisley. Sex is as Sex Does: Governing Transgender Identity. NYU Press, 2022.
  • Daston, Lorraine. Against nature. Vol. 17. MIT Press, 2019.
  • Douglas, Mary, and Aaron Wildavsky. Risk and culture: An essay on the selection of technological and environmental dangers. University of California Press, 1983.
  • Douglas, Mary. Purity and danger: An analysis of concepts of pollution and taboo. Routledge, 2003.
  • Eder, Sandra. How the Clinic Made Gender: The Medical History of a Transformative Idea. University of Chicago Press, 2022.
  • Feinberg, Leslie. Trans liberation: Beyond pink or blue. Beacon Press, 1999.
  • Fisher, Jill A. Adverse events: race, inequality, and the testing of new pharmaceuticals. NYU Press, 2020.
  • Fox, Renee. C. Experiment perilous: Physicians and patients facing the unknown. Transactions Press, 1998.
  • Frank, Arthur W. The wounded storyteller: Body, illness, and ethics. University of Chicago Press, 2013.
  • Lev, Arlene Istar. Transgender emergence: Therapeutic guidelines for working with gender-variant people and their families. Routledge, 2013.
  • Lewis, Carolyn Herbst. Prescription for heterosexuality: Sexual citizenship in the cold war era. University of North Carolina Press, 2010.
  • Nash, Catherine Jean, and Kath Browne. Heteroactivism: Resisting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights and equalities. Bloomsbury Publishing, 2020.
  • Nelson, Hilde Lindemann. Meaning and medicine: a reader in the philosophy of health care. Routledge, 2013.
  • Peiss, Kathy Lee, Christina Simmons, and Robert A. Padgug, eds. Passion and power: Sexuality in history. Temple University Press, 1989.
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  • Shildrick, Margrit. Embodying the Monster: Encounters with the Vulnerable Self. Sage, 2002.
  • Terry, Jennifer, and Jacqueline L. Urla, eds. Deviant bodies: Critical perspectives on difference in science and popular culture. Indiana University Press, 1995.

Papers and Chapters

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