Stuff I've been reading (June 2024)

By Os Keyes

Things I finished reading in June 2024:

Books and dissertations

  • Walker, Phoenix. “” We Were There, We Were Visible, We Were Everywhere”: A History of Transgender Care in Washington State and British Columbia from the 1950s to the Present.” (2024). Dissertation, Western Washington University.

Papers and Chapters

  • Becker, Howard S. “Notes on the concept of commitment.” American journal of Sociology 66.1 (1960): 32-40.
  • Chaufan, Claudia, et al. “Medical ideology as a double-edged sword: The politics of cure and care in the making of Alzheimer’s disease.” Social Science & Medicine 74.5 (2012): 788-795.
  • Howard, Christopher, Stephanie Leary, and R. Rowland. “In defence of the right kind of reason.” Fittingness: Essays in the philosophy of normativity (2022): 0.
  • Locke, Dustin. “Knowledge, explanation, and motivating reasons.” American Philosophical Quarterly (2015): 215-232.
  • Moser, Ingunn. “Making Alzheimer’s disease matter. Enacting, interfering and doing politics of nature.” Geoforum 39.1 (2008): 98-110.
  • Schmidt, Sebastian. “Epistemic blame and the normativity of evidence.” Erkenntnis 89.1 (2024): 1-24.