Where is Os next?

By Os Keyes

I’ve just this week finished wrapping up the scholarship awards for useR!2017 - many thanks to Heather, Gina Gi, Jonathan, Gina, Jasmine and David for pulling it all together, particularly Gina Gi for keeping us on task, Jonathan for handling the finances, and Heather for getting us all together in the first place.

With that done I get to turn my attention to other projects (including more committees because I suck at saying no to things) such as…travel! Yay!

I’ll be at:

  1. The ROpenSci unconference in Los Angeles in late May;
  2. CascadiaConf a week or so later, where I’m doing a talk on C++ structures for R programmers and serving in the organising group, and;
  3. Salt Lake City a week after that for some miscellaneous talks. I need to get better at pacing myself.

I’ve got spare time around all 3, so if you’re in any of the above and we know each other, feel free to drop me a line.

I’m also in Forbes this week; once again all my media coverage comes from me being annoyed at other peoples’ fuckups.