Courses, Books and Doctorates

By Os Keyes

Miscellaneous things I’ve been up to/will be being up to over the next few months:

  1. I’m contributing a chapter (provisionally titled Hate Crimes, their Past and Future) to Greg Wilson’s Stuff that Actually Matters, a book on, well, stuff that actually matters, also featuring Emily Gorcenski, Melinda Minch and Gem Barrett because the pool of socially-interested code people is about 5 people wide.
  2. I’m writing a course for DataCamp on manipulating and consuming data from the web using R. Wayback when I started using R, it was for just these purposes (my first ever package release was an API client) so I’m super psyched to geek out about APIs at new data scientists. Plus they’ve told me I can use props in the videos.
  3. Aaand last but not least in good news: I got into the University of Washington’s PhD program in Human-Centred Design and Engineering. This was tremendously surprising to me and, apparently, 0 other people in my life, and life is about to get very interesting.